Care & Maintenance

  • Ceramic tableware can be cleaned normally. Tablewares treated with sprayed engobe can be boiled in rice water or pasta cooking water and cool under room temperature. Clean with this method once every one to two months, and after 3 rinses, the tablewares should be easy to maintain. In Taiwan, engobe-decorated tableware is used in the same way as tablewares with glossy glaze, and the wear and tear from daily usage is appreciated for its transience and imperfection.

  • Woodenware breathes naturally to adjust to humidity. We have applied wood conditioner on all our woodenware. For maintenance, just add a drop of olive oil and wipe thoroughly once every three months. Keep in cool and dry location, out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.

  • Metalware naturally changes color over time due to oxidization. Use a silver polishing cloth with a solution of salt, vinegar, baking soda, and water to restore its luster. Grinding with sandpaper may result in irreversible damage to the metalware surface.

Q. How do I repair damages to the product?

  • Damage to the non-food contact surface can be repaired with 3Mtm multi-purpose adhesive. As for damage to food contract surface, we recommend gold or silver joinery. The restoration method is expensive and is usually applied only to valuable collections or favorite possessions. We do not provide any restoration service at the moment.

Q. What is the delivery time for pre-order?

  • For more information please refer to our website. The estimated delivery time may change as handmade product is susceptible to weather changes and raw material availability. For urgent needs, please contact us on FB or email.

Q.Gift packaging?

  • Please specify your packaging request when placing an order. We provide exclusive gift packaging free of charge, but a printed card with your gift message require an additional fee (TWD 100)

Q. Custom Service?

  • Read Custom Design for more detail. Due to limited staffing, We do not provide custom design for one-piece order at the moment.